Custom Branding

Our graphic design team will provide you with a professional logo and a single custom banner for your social media

Team Promotion

Your team will be entered in a monthly drawing to be featured on the official Hardcore League Twitter. We will include information, links, etc…


All members of a Premium Team will receive a Premium Team Badge. This badge will reward your team members with a 5% discount on Hardcore League Graphics. This is stack-able with the Super Sub Deal.

Premium Events

Bigger prizes, full team/player stats for recaps, custom graphics! Your team will be eligible to compete in Premium Tournaments/Events.

Comp Player Profiles

With Premium all registered members that compete for your team will get a custom comp player profile. This profile will contain stats that can be updated by the player or the team leader.

*All stats submitted will be verified by HL*

Custom Team Colors

Premium Teams will have custom colors for their comp team/player profiles based on your teams colors. Stand out from the rest with your custom colors.

In-depth Recaps

Premium Teams will receive a full match recap for all shoutcasted HL Matches/Events, including individual player stats displayed in the recap. These stats can be entered by the team leader for each player and overall match score. Individual players will be able to update their own stats as well.

*All stats submitted will be verified by HL*

Premium Menu

Premium Teams will be showcased on the HL Team Portal home page for easy access to your team. Show the community that your serious with this neat feature.


*The above teams are for display purposes only and may not be Premium Teams*


We know competing for fun is good… but we also know our teams want to compete for some serious prizes. We also know that the branding and promotion of teams help the competitive community. With our Premium Team Membership we kill 2 birds with one stone! Below is a full description of all the awesome benefits that come with having a Premium Team Membership.


Every serious competitive team needs a good looking logo to help their team stand out. With the Premium Team Membership, out graphic design team will create your team a stunning logo and a single banner to match for use anywhere online. Let the competitive community know that you take pride in your teams appearance and look good when your matches get broadcast.

Already have a logo? No problem, we can also redesign your teams current logo and banner if you would like or we can use your logo to create a wallpaper/background for your team.

Tell us what you want your logo to look like.

We will send you 2-3 designs.

Make changes as requested.

We will provide you with all images created.

*This service will provided one time only upon Premium Team Member purchase*


Every month we will draw a Premium Team to be our Featured Team of the month. We will promote your team on the official Hardcore League Twitter account. We will include links to the following:

HL Team Page

Team Twitter

Team Youtube

Team Twitch (or team member Twitch of your choice)

Team Facebook

Most Recent Match (or match of your choice)


When your team becomes a Premium Team, they will get a graphics for the team…. However, we know that individual esports players often have personal logos and graphics to brand them as a player. All registered members of a Premium Team will be awarded the Premium Team Badge, this badge will grant them a 5% discount on all graphic design services provided by the Hardcore League.

*The Premium Team Membership discount is stack-able with the Super Sub Deal*


This is why you are here! We know that our teams want to compete for bigger and better prizes. Here is your chance, as a Premium Team, you will be eligible for Premium Events! Not only will the Hardcore League Premium Events have bigger prizes, they will also be done with the full production potential of the Hardcore League. Our Premium Events will be big, there will also be a variety of event types, tournaments, special events etc…

*Frequency of events subject to change*

Now you know what you get with the Premium Team Membership! What are you waiting for?



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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