Battlefield 1 Conquest Opener 2019

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This will be a 16v16 Conquest event for XB1 and PS4 on Battlefield 1.

This event will be run in a Round Robin Format.

-Teams will have one week to schedule and play their match once posted.
-All matches MUST be organized and submitted on the Team Portals website.
-If a match is not scheduled due to one team not replying to another teams contact they will forfeit the match. (Contact an HL comp coordinator for assistance) 
-If a match isn’t scheduled by either team because neither team attempted to contact the other in time they will both forfeit the match.
-Matches may be given a 1 week extension under special circumstances [case by case basis], but both teams will be responsible for any matches the next week as well as the one given an extension too.

-Once sign-ups close, we will release the bracket.

*All matches must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours before taking place.*

Match Scoring:

-Best of 3 format.

-Each map will be played on both sides [each team plays each side of the map once] and whichever team has the most accumulated tickets between the 2 rounds on that map will win that map. If a team wins 2 maps out of the three agreed upon they win the entire match.

Score Submission:

-All scores must be submitted by both teams within 24 hours of the scheduled match time.
-If only one team submits a score within 24 hours then ONLY that teams score will stand.
-If neither team submits a score within 24 hours the match will be a loss for both teams.
(Scores may take longer than 24 hours to be posted/updated, but as long as they are properly submitted it is fine.)

-Format of scoring will be that you enter the total maps won by your team.

The leader board will be done on a points system as follows:

  • Win = 5 points
  • Loss = 3 points
  • No Shows/Forfeit = 0 points

In the event of a No Show/Forfeit the winning team will receive 5 points.

*Rules violations may result in the loss of points*

-Maps will be selected by the teams involved in the match. 1 choice by each team and a tiebreaker choice made together by both teams.
-Each map will be played on both sides [each team plays each side of the map once] and whichever team has the most accumulated tickets between the 2 rounds on that map will win that map. If a team wins 2 maps out of the three agreed upon they win the entire match.

If a tiebreaker map can’t be mutually agreed upon we will select one at random for the match.

Server Settings:
-Servers will be rented and set up by one of the 2 teams playing in their scheduled match. Each team leader should verify the rules before the match and if the settings are wrong correct them before the match starts. Match settings will NOT be disputable after the match starts.
-Server must be US East.
-1 Burn match must occur before the main set of maps starts.
-Hardcore League may request for staff members to be admined to either spectate or shoutcast the match.
-Hardcore League Elite Settings.

-No weapon, gadget, or vehicle is banned.
-If 2 teams want to make a “gentleman’s agreement” to not use something they are fine to do that, however Hardcore League will not enforce any such agreement.

For any disputes fill out the Match Dispute Form found below.
-Any disputes must be submitted within 24 hours of the match.
-Any dispute must include video/pictures.

No Show:
-If one Team (ALL Players Participating in the Match) does not show up within 15 minutes prior of the designated scheduled time and date then that team will forfeit the match.
-If you encounter a no show file a dispute as listed above, with video proof[we suggest your streamer start streaming the second the match is scheduled to begin].

-If a team shows up with less than 14 players they will forfeit the match automatically.

Roster Lock: 32 Man Roster Lock

-Rosters submitted cannot be changed after the end of sign ups.
-Every submitted player MUST be present on the Team Portals Competitive Profile for your team.

-For every match a roster of 20 (16+4 substitutions) must be submitted 24 hours prior to the match via the Match Schedule Form below.

*The use of a player not on your submitted roster will result in a forfeit* 

Steaming Requirement:
-Each team must have 1 streamer[who is playing in the match] for every match, the streamer may change match to match, the main reason for this is if the staff needs to go back through to confirm match scores.
-The streamer for each team must be linked within the details of each scheduled match.
-Each streamer must have “archived broadcasts” on, this is so the broadcast is not automatically deleted.
-If either or both teams does not have at least 1 streamer for any match that team may suffer a forfeit if we are not able to verify scores. Each team may have more than one streamer stream per match as a backup just in case.


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