The Battlefield community has been labeled as the Best Community In The World. From charity events to Friday Night Battlefield and community events, the Battlefield community is like no other. We are happy to support this awesome community.

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April 2019
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Overly Mediocre Gamers


We are a small gaming community that has been around for about a year and a half that works like a family, Many of us are Former or Active Military but that is not a requirement to join. We are all about having fun and playing games together. One of our Motto’s is “No One Games Alone”. We have also played Competitively in Battlefield 1 Domination League.




European gaming community, covering Battlefield, Sea of Thieves, GTA and many more. Main platform is XBox.


Point Gap


Competitively minded Community of Gamers, Streamers, & Creators.


Battlefield: XboxOne Community [XB1C]


A place were you can share captures and content, meet likeminded battlefield players, talk everything battlefield related and join in on community shenanigans. Known as [XB1C] we are home for a lot of other platoons and communities.


Art of Battlefield


We support and share community creations of the battlefield regardless of their skill set. It’s about the community and about battlefield.


Ops Support Group BFV


17+ where we are a family not just gamers. Home to irl veterans, ppl from all walks and a haven for those with MH issues. Autism advocates. PTFO and humor a must Created to support not just ourselves but other platoons and events in the community. Events held every 3-4 months where players have the opportunity to win cool prizes from dog tags to controllers.


Scottish Hellfighters


We are a Scottish based community with players from all around the world. We like to organize community events that the whole Battlefield Community can take part to win prizes.


Silly Sunday Event ( Silly Sundays)


Silly Sunday Event. ( Bringing out the fun side on the Battlefield ) Join us for fun custom games. Every Sunday at 9pm UK, 10pm cet, 4pm U.S east. Our Platoons are called” ” Green and White Army” search for us in Platoons vie in Game menu or companion app. Every week for 15 months during Battlefield 1 thousands of people played games of Conquest / Domination / War Pigeon with custom rules like. All Explosives, Shotgun and Melee, Sniper only and many, many more different combination picked by the community. Our weekly Event will resume when the rental server program is active in Battlefield V.. Stay tuned into our Twitter, Website and Facebook for up to date event information. See you on the Battlefield soon.


[SAP] TagNBag


SAP TagNBag – The “taggin’ n baggin’ pikachu crew”

PS4 Battlefield Platoon – 100 members.

2018 AdmE Spring Platoon Championship winners.

We host our Weekly “SAP Saturday Showdown” event on PS4 with prize draws, giveaways, and challenges. As part of our Saturday event we host special events like our “Ultimate SAP Killer League” lasting a number of week with bigger prizes. Nothing before now will have prepared you for the untold terror and fear that you will feel when see our cute little Pikachu mascot on his bright pink background smiling right at you when you bump into us on the Battlefield. When that time comes, prepare to be tagged and bagged in true SAP style. We have members of varying skill levels, have a casual approach and are very active – playing together regularly most nights. We PTFO, we squad and party up and we watch each others backs but as much as we play hard we don’t get too serious and take a lighter, fun approach to our gaming. Anyone joining us will feel right at home. Once you’re part of the SAP family you’re SAP for life.


[DWP] DrunkenWarPigs

The DrunkenWarpigs are a eventcreating platoon based on PS4. We create several events and tournaments across Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. Our maingoal is giving back some fun and great events to people from all over the world and sharing some great time with the #BCIW. We also created the “Battlefield Event calendar” which is provided for all platforms and across all titles of the Battlefield franchise. Follow us on Twitter ( @PlatoonChamp) to be always up to date regarding our events and tournaments. We hope to see you on the battlefield!


Team SemperFi

Team SemperFi is a casual gaming community, mainly built along the Battlefield franchise mainly. People in the community consider eachother family and play together often on different servers and games. Created in 2014 we’ve been through our own BF4 servers which were always filled and well administrated. With BF1 coming around, we also hosted 3 servers which were immensly popular and with BFV now, we can’t wait to get RSP so we can start hosting and administrating our own servers so we can cater the people that really enjoy playing together and PTFO ! looking for a casual community? look no further and check us out !


Militaires Sans Frontières

MSF is an European-based PC Battlefield community. Formed in 2018 by a group of friends who wanted place to play. we’re an open community with a horizontal organization for and by members who a share a passion for Battlefield.

Our mission is to bring fun, team-play, and community to Battlefield. Everyone is welcome at MSF. Although we are an European community with English as its primary language. We use UCT+1 as (CET) as our timezone. If you wish to join, sign up on our forum or discord and post an application with a short introduction.

Don’t forget to mention your in-game screen name so we can find you. We hope to see you soon!

* We use Discord for all communication

* All skills are welcome


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