The highly anticipated second chapter for Battlefield V is finally live for all Battlefield V players. Lighting Strikes brings us new weapons, customizations, a new Grand Operations, and the return of Rush just to name a few.

Lighting Strikes also brings us a new game mode which seems to be the newest attempt by DICE for competitive gameplay. Exciting times ahead for Battlefield Esports with preparations for the Battle Royal also on the way. It seems that DICE is now shaking off the initial struggles and truly cementing their grip on the game.

We are left with a stellar trailer for the update by DICE. You can watch it below:

What does Chapter Two bring to Battlefield V?

  • Reintroduction of RUSH 

To start off the general updates for Chapter 2, we see the reintroduction of a Battlefield classic. Rush is a game mode that has been a staple of the franchise for many years and it is bound to please many veterans.

  • Introduction of SQUAD CONQUEST

Squad Conquest seems like DICE’s newest attempt at a more concise and intense version of Conquest. This is a step in the right direction for the competitive community but it remains to be seen how it will play out. This version of Conquest can be used as a core testing ground for Battlefield Esports down the road. It is not clear if this mode will fit the community’s competitive expectations, but it is a step in the right direction by DICE. It is exciting to see attempts to staple Battlefields identity to a competitive game mode.

Eight players on each team (divided into two squads of four) will battle it out in a tighter environment where quick decision-making will be key to success. Tactical analysis, communication, and teamwork will be a necessity to be successful in Squad Conquest.

” A core belief behind Squad Conquest is a restricted number of variables to allow strategy to be able to exist – you have to be able to
predict player behavior and patterns, which is reflected in all three map layouts”

David Sirland and Jaqub Ajmal, on behalf of the teams at EA and DICE

  • New Company Gear

An expansion to cosmetics for Battlefield V has been added in this next chapter.

  • New Weapons

We will once again see an expansion in the variety of weapons the game has. Battlefield V feels diverse in most cases but you can definitely notice the community favorites. Increasing the number of weapons is bound to improve diversity of gun use in Battlefield V. Some of these weapons may be unbalanced at launch, but they are quickly balanced to fix the mold and pace of Battlefield V.

  • New Vehicles

A lot of people have been requesting for DICE to play around with vehicles. There will be an introduction of new vehicles into the game which will begin the attempts at better balancing the vehicles in the game.

  • Introduction of CO-OP mode Combined Arms (February)

This is something unique that will definitely improve the number of people that play the Single-Player campaign. It is a very positive addition to the game. Battlefield has always been known for its multiplayer gameplay, but the introduction of Co-Op will spark small groups to play the campaign missions together.

Battlefield V Chapter 2 Update Notes

There are many positive updates in the newest Patch Notes. This article will summarize some of the key additions and patches made by DICE. You may read the full patch notes HERE and you can provide helpful feedback for the Devs HERE!

  • Vaulting Improvements

This was highly requested. A common experience by many players was that the soldier sometimes failed to register when to activate the vaulting animation, especially when attempting to vault through broken windows. An example by Reddit user Avi304.

Here is a demonstration of the improvements to Vaulting made by the developers.

  • Time to Death and Death Experience

The moment a player died in a match, they were rendered pretty much useless until respawn. They could not provide any information, and in most cases didn’t fully realize how they died in the first place. The experience through death was a very confusing one, but these patches will improve its general feel.

  1. The name of the player that killed you now appears in the general map. This helps the dead player understand how he was killed and from where.
  2. A camera through death that zooms in towards the killer which explains to the player from where he was downed.
  3. Improvement to tracers for people to trace bullets and the shooter.
  4. The developers fixed an issue with the UI directional damage indicator that delayed the indication of damage to the victim.
  5. Made tweaks to the UI directional damage indicator to more accurately point towards the enemy damaging the player.
  • New Content

A lot of new content will be added to the game in Chapter Two. You may find some of the biggest additions above such as Squad Conquest and Rush, but it also brings content such as new weapons, vehicles, and a new Grand Operations.

  • Reviving 

The two biggest problems with reviving were continuously picking up the fallen player’s weapon (console) and camera issues if revived too quickly. These two issues were both tackled in this patch.

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