Battlefield V has had a rocky start since its global launch on November 20th of 2018, but these circumstances have truly solidified the competitive Battlefield community. The Hardcore League is driven by the desire of making Battlefield Esports a reality and the Battlefield V title seems to be a stepping stone to this goal.  The Hardcore League continues its preparations for the 2019 season without RSP (Rental Server Program), but this does not slow down the HL staff.

An Era of Transitioning 

The Battlefield Franchise has had many transitions throughout its lifetime. Some transitions have been seen as very positive moves while others have been criticized for failing to deliver. The FPS genre (First Person Shooter) has had a continuous rise in esports with several of its titles now attracting thousands of participants and viewers on a consistent basis. It is time Battlefield transitions into what we all hope it will.

Battlefield V looks to be the title where we can finally see the development towards an esports scene. The prospect of Battlefield Esports is very intriguing to many players because of its uniqueness. This same uniqueness is what makes others wary of Battlefield.

Battlefield brings the best out of its competitors. The game makes situational awareness and map knowledge key to a team’s victory. Situational awareness is the ability of a player to analyze a situation and react accordingly.  This allows for quick thinking and change of strategy on a whim. Battlefield is not a one-dimensional game and requires extensive preparation for different situations. Map knowledge, on the other hand, is acquired with extensive practice of the game. The ability to predict your opponent, learn map patterns, and identify key “timings” help competitive players succeed.

It is time for the Battlefield Franchise to develop its identity within esports. Battlefield V seems to be the perfect game to find a true direction. Whether it is Conquest, Domination, Frontline, Incursions, or a new objective game mode, there needs to be a forward step into finding the true identity of Battlefield Esports.

The Voice of Competitive Battlefield

The Hardcore League Official Twitter recently made an update on what could be the competitive community’s early aspirations for 2019. The status has moved many people towards a common goal, to express our desire for the addition of RSP (Rental Server Program). Our competitive community continues to prove how united it is.

You can help support the Hardcore League’s attempt below.

Competitive Strengthening and Integrity

The Battlefield competitive community is known for its integrity. The community is united and fair towards the goal of Battlefield Esports. The community is key to reach the goal of Battlefield Esports and integrity will be the defining factor of this amazing community. The Hardcore League hosted two community events to finish of 2018 and the support for each one was great. These events were hosted on public servers and with the lack of RSP which made it became difficult to get going. Nevertheless, the support was still there. One was for Xbox on December 22nd, while the other was for PlayStation on December 29th. The support for these unusual events shows how much the community cares. The Hardcore League continues to look for innovative ways to support the community and the staff team works tirelessly to bring the best opportunities possible.

You can watch each of the FULL events below.


PlayStation 4:


Featured Image courtesy of Battlefield

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  1. KLW HitmanPike 3 months ago

    Great article dude. A really exciting time to be involved in Battlefield eSports

    A lot of great Teams and Individuals out there bringing some amazing skill and strategy

  2. Thomas Rogers 3 months ago

    I love you guys ! All around , you got me into competivite BF and I met ALOT of new friends and some became close like family , THANK YOU !

  3. Fiend xk 2 months ago

    These articles are awesome. Well thought out and do a great job making their point!

  4. dumdum 2 months ago

    This is excellent my man, very good stuff, thank you!

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